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F-Secure + Ontrack bundle


F-Secure SAFE / F-Secure TOTAL with Ontrack Digital Care Plan


F-Secure and Ontrack, which is a global expert in recovering data from all storage media, have joined forces and now offer customers the unique possibility to get a prepaid Ontrack data recovery service with F-Secure SAFE and TOTAL licenses. This bundle product with 100% prepaid Ontrack data recovery brings the end-customer huge savings and peace of mind in case of a possible data loss! Once the end-customer has delivered their order, Ontrack will initiate and complete the service process.


Ontrack data recovery service is valid for the duration of the purchased F-Secure subscription (SAFE and TOTAL product, duration 1 year or 2 years). Ontrack will use its best efforts and technology to recover lost files from laptops and desktop computers, tablets and smartphones in typical cases like damaged device, dropping device in water, accidental deletion of files, software and hardware failures and bugs, damages caused by electronic failure, thunder or fire etc. F-Secure SAFE is an award-winning multi-device, multi-platform Internet Security suite which protects customers’ life online. F-Secure TOTAL adds unlimited secure VPN and Identity Protection into same package for total peace of mind. Unbeatable value for a unique bundle not available from any other security vendor!

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